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Orange Blossom Essential Oil: "Always Summer"

Citrus Cinensis (Blossom): Sweet, sunshine, light, soft touch, gentle yet compelling, summer, radiance, the full flowering of life.

Orange Blossom

  • Orange blossom is a fabulous tonic for those who feel as though the years have passed them by or they have missed out on life in some fashion. This can happen at any age and this essence works strongly to restore contact with the powerful central systems in a person where it is always summer, where we are always young.

A woman goes to market for the first time since her husband died after a long illness. She is dressed in black and feels as though she has lived a thousand life times.

It is high summer and as she walks, she gets too hot and at first, drops her thick black woollen scarf down to her shoulders; but it is such a beautiful day, and such a long walk along the country road where everything is bursting with life now and a riot of flowers and weeds stretch and reach beneath the young summer sun, eventually she has to take the heavy cloak off altogether and carries it over her arm instead.

A large cart filled with many workmen passes her on the road; they whistle, laugh and call. For a moment, she looks around to find who might be the target of their sport, and then she realises - they mean her!

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