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MEA 2020

Let's make wonderful things! Silvia Hartmann & Magic Mushroom


Learn Modern Energy Art

directly from the creator, the amazing Silvia Hartmann,

and discover the totally awesome delights of

YOUR living, breathing, dancing



The Golden Horese Symbol Hybrid Illustration for The Golden Horse Story (which is about creativity!) by Silvia Hartmann


Gain your Foundation Certificate in

Modern Energy Art (MEA)


Learn the foundational principles of Modern Energy Art

then go on to practice and explore the Joy of Modern Energy Art

with delightful, magical and wonderfully surprising exercises!


Discover how YOU (yes, YOU, dear human being!) can …


Put powerful, palpable POSITIVE ENERGY

into drawings, paintings, songs and stories



to solve problems and gain extraordinary personal evolution


Take YOUR real, living CREATIVITY

to a whole new level – it's delightful!


CREATE totally original, vibrant works, objects and artefacts

of Modern Energy Art for self healing, fun, pleasure & profit


Gain your beautiful SELF CONFIDENCE

as a real Modern Energy Artist – the most amazing gift of all!


Find your own amazing ARTISTIC CERTAINTY

and become “criticism proof” - this is awesome!



into your art & creativity (and yes, that's all about ENERGY!)


Discover the SECRET of how you

can paint ANYTHING – in just ten minutes!


Make amazing, healing, MAGICAL GIFTS

for your own aspects, for loved ones, for your customers, for the world!


Create wonderful MAGIC OBJECTS

that will bring more love, more joy and more POSITIVE ENERGY into the world (how much needed is THAT, right now?!)


Create brilliant, uplifting, powerfully attractive SOCIAL MEDIA CONTENT

with confidence to stand out from the crowd (these days, that's so valuable!)


Take your PHOTOGRAPHY to a whole new level -

start painting with LIGHT and reveal the BEAUTY.


Gain the PRAISE & RESPECT from your friends, family and customers

with YOUR beautiful, radiantly positive Modern Energy Art.



with what you can really do – really, prepare to be amazed … :-)


Unlock the NEXT LEVEL

of your own personal development – touch the levels of you that can't be reached in any other way!


and enjoy the uplifting powerful positive energy of colours, sounds and visions every step of the way.


Silvia Hartmann holding up HOPE for humanity!

 Silvia Hartmann's awesome course in Modern Energy Art

takes you from where you're at (Kindergarten or Fine Art PhD!)

to YOUR OWN NEXT LEVEL in creativity


Step by Step


Modern Energy Art is for everyone!

Explanations, demonstrations, simple exercises, lots of colours, lots of movements -

rediscover the pure joy of the child as you explore the wonderworlds of Modern Energy Art, guided by Silvia Hartmann herself.


The wonderful Modern Energy Art Foundation Course features:


  • 25 simple, short video presentations with Silvia Hartmann so you can see exactly how it works and what you have to do
  • Clearly explained, EASY step by step instructions for each presentation
  • Creating amazing Energy Art using the most basic of materials
  • Unique exercises you won't find anywhere else to put POSITIVE ENERGY into your art
  • Lots and lots of HEALING for old blockages and reversals to expressing YOUR CREATIVITY
  • Many, many delightful techniques so you will have star experiences along the way that will surprise you
  • Applying the principles of Modern Energy to not just paintings and drawings, but also to photographs, design, music, story telling and word art

100% POSITIVE and LOVING encouragement throughout.

The Freedom Bird by Silvia Hartmann


Your Choices – You're 100% In Charge!

The Modern Energy Art Foundation Course is offered without tutor support.

This means you're free to choose YOUR learning -100% and all the way!


You can do all the exercises, only the ones you like the best, or none at all.

You can take as long as you like to complete the course (as long as you're a GoE Member).

You can take all the time you need for any of the course units.

You can choose to complete a simple multiple choice test to gain your Foundation Certificate in Modern Energy Art.

You are free to share your works of Modern Energy Art in the student's group – or not.

You can ask questions, encourage other students and make new friends – if you want to!

NO PRESSURE – discover YOUR CREATIVITY in your own time, in your own way.

Gain immediate access to ALL the course materials upon enrolment!


Click here to gain access to ….


The Joy of Modern Energy Art

Created by Silvia Hartmann

for 21st Century Human Beings

to bring more POSITIVE ENERGY into the world!



Art Is Not Just About

Hanging Up Massive Paintings

In A Museum!

Modern Energy Art is vibrant, alive, immensely practical and immeasurably valuable for real life in the real world


People without creativity are angels with broken wings.”

Silvia Hartmann


There are levels and layers in the energy systems of human beings that only art can touch, and nothing else.

Modern Energy Art is an immensely powerful healing process for the artist – there's nothing else quite like it, nothing as personal, powerful, and “beyond words.”

Modern Energy Art also produces powerful ENERGY OBJECTS that have a magical, powerfully POSITIVE effect on the environment. The world needs this – never more than right now!

Being CONFIDENTLY CREATIVE – because you know EXACTLY what you're doing! - is an absolute gift for life.


Whether we want to create powerful energy objects or design websites, book covers, living spaces, or make creative decisions and choices from a place of actually knowing what's right, what works, and what doesn't, the principles of Modern Energy Art will give you clarity, certainty and confidence.




You are a human being.

You were endowed with the extraordinary gift of CREATIVITY.

Creativity is a flow of ENERGY that allows us to bring beauty, love, truth and joy into the world.

Dissolve the old blocks that have held you back.

Experience the excitement and joy of playing with the energy of colours, sounds and movements.

Touch the sheer MAGIC of your creativity.

Unlock YOUR POWER to practically create PHYSICAL reality with


Silvia Hartmann's Awesome

Modern Energy Art Foundation Course


This totally brilliant POSITIVE ENERGY ART foundation course includes:


  • 25 Video Presentations
  • Written Handouts Notes on each presentation online
  • Modern Energy Art Students Support Group
  • Multiple Choice Test (optional)
  • Self Printed Certificate (upon successful completion of the test)

Discover the Infinite Joy

of Modern Energy Art for YOURSELF.


Instant Access to all course materials upon enrolment!


Click HERE to START!


Posted Jul 6, 2020   
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