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The Stress Cats

The Stress Cats

A lot of people (although, to be sure, not all people, and if looking at stressed cats upsets you, then don't click the view page button!) find stressed cats simply hilarious. We here at certainly do!

Here is our collection of stressed cats ...



Life is like lying in your own litter tray ...

"Life is like lying in your own litter tray ..."









Yup. That's what stress can do to you ...




"The indignity!!!"



"And you thought you had problems ..."






Now that's what we call a stressed cat ...



"You can take your anger management encounter group and ..."



"Why Lord? Why?"




Don't worry ... It's all going to be over soon ...



Don't give up! There IS hope! Honestly! Really ...



The poster boy for the signs of stress:

Dilated pupils, body tension, breathing difficulties, increased heart rate, flattened ears.



"I will get you for this ... It might not be today, or tomorrow ..."



The ultimate cat stress experience!


Posted Jan 26, 2009   
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