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Stress Relief With The Tumbleweed Of Nothingness

Stress Relief With The Tumbleweed Of Nothingness

So this is a tad unusual as far as anti-stress techniques go - but the StressFish thinks it's funny and claims that this has helped him in the past to clear his mind of unwanted fears and stressful imaginings.

This stress release technique involves a tumbleweed, and a little song ...

The Tumbleweed Of Nothingness is an interesting way to stop thinking about what you don't want to be thinking about - it wipes the slate clean, so to speak.

So whether you have a song you can't get out of your mind, or you are thinking thoughts that are stressing you out, The Tumbleweed Of Nothingness can come to the rescue.

You don't have to SING the tumbleweed song necessarily - although it helps to be sure! - but it is important to imagine/see the tumbleweed rolling in from the left and rolling across until it disappears on the right for this "wiping away unwanted internal representations" effect to take place.

Posted Feb 25, 2009   
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